Thursday, July 30, 2009

Country's Stock Markets Melt For The Third Day In

KARACHI: Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) amid the bourses all across the country today remained passive and tame for the third consecutive day, which saw the index during the brief three days losing 11 percent.KSE opened today on a negative note, which remained pervasive until the end of business session, which culminated into the KSE-100 index melting down by 260 points to 8184 at close. KSE during the last three days has evaporated enormous 1000 points, while the KSE system glitch alarmingly showed index eroding 4001 points to peg at 4444. The volume of trade today aggregated to 57.8 million shares. Volume leader TRG Pakistan shares price down by Rs0.54 closed at Rs1.28. Full Story

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