Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rates & Schedules

Bullion Rates

KARACHI (May 09, 2009): Gold and silver rates in rupees per 10 grams prevailing in major cities on Friday (May 08, 2009).

Cotton Spot Rates

KARACHI (May 09, 2009): Official KCA spot rates for local dealings in Pakistan rupees on Friday (May 08, 2009).

Rotterdam vegetable oil prices
ROTTERDAM (May 09, 2009): Friday's Rotterdam vegetable oil prices at 1600 GMT.

Dollar's rate in interbank market

KARACHI (May 09, 2009): Interbank closing rates for dollar on Friday (May 08, 2009).

Kerb buying and selling rate of US dollar

KARACHI (May 09, 2009): Dollar buying and selling rate in the kerb market in rupees on Friday (May 08, 2009).

Spot dollar rates

KARACHI (May 09, 2009): Spot Dollar rates from Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari & Co Ltd on Friday (May 08, 2009).

Open market rates of foreign currencies

KARACHI (May 09, 2009): Open market rates of foreign currencies supplied by the Forex Association of Pakistan on Friday (May 08, 2009).

Banks' rates for currency notes (buying and selling)

KARACHI (May 09, 2009): The selling/buying rates for currency notes of major currencies issued by National Bank (NBP) here on Friday (May 08, 2009).

Conversion for foreign currency deposits

KARACHI (May 09, 2009): Conversion for foreign currency deposits, DBC/FCBC, special USD bond & profits thereon (excluding FE-25 deposits) on Friday (May 08, 2009).

Currency notes: exchange rates

KARACHI (May 09, 2009): Exchange rates for Currency Notes issued by the Treasury Management Division of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) here on Friday (May 08, 2009).

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